Selected Written Work

Illumio customer story
September 2020 for Bishop Fox

“Are you giving out cheat codes if you whitelist pen testers?”
July 2020 for Bishop Fox

Security Lessons Learned from Hacker-Themed Board Games”
May 2020 for Bishop Fox

“Applying Elite Military Training to Civilian Assessments”
May 2020 for Bishop Fox

Salesflare customer story
April 2020 for Bishop Fox

“Get Organized like a Villain”
December 2019 with Rob Ragan for Dark Reading

“Hello World! Introducing the Cybersecurity Style Guide”
February 2018 for Bishop Fox

The Cybersecurity Style Guide
February 2018 for Bishop Fox

“Words of the Year 2015”
July 2016

Wordnik. Adoption. Agency”
September 2015

Selected Editing Work

“Stop treating breaches like natural disasters: a new mindset for application security”
June 2020 with Dan Petro for Bishop Fox

“Staying Ahead of Emerging Threats”
March 2020 with Ori Zigindere for Bishop Fox

“Reasonably Secure Electron”
November 2019 with Joe Demesy for Bishop Fox

“A Wolf in Fox Clothing”
November 2019 with Wolfie Wolf for Bishop Fox

Selected Talks and Events

“How To Write Like It’s Your Job”
February 2020 at BSides SF

“Self-Made Lexicographer: How I Compiled a Cybersecurity Style Guide”
April 2019 at DSNA-22/SHEL-11

“Spellcheck: The Hacker Spelling Bee”
July 2018 and 2019 at HOPE 12, DEF CON 26, DEF CON 27

“Step 2: Editing, Step 3: Profit”
August 2018 at The Diana Initiative

“The Fruit of All Evil”
November 2017 for Odd Salon

“Chaos in the Machine: Why Security Needs a Style Guide”
September 2017 at CactusCon

“Cowards, Drunks and Troublemakers: Cutting Deep with Cutthroat Insults”
August 2016 for Odd Salon