It was a big year for the style guide! I gave one talk, released two versions, hosted three spelling bees, and was written up in 7 articles and interviews.

The revised Version 1.1 is out now! Go get it here in PDF form:

V2 of the #SecurityStyleGuide is in the hopper right now, but until it is released, let’s take a look back on the year that belonged to the #SecurityStyleGuide:


February 15: Version 1 Released

Hello World! Introducing the Bishop Fox Cybersecurity Style Guide


February 23: The Parallax Interview

Cybersecurity Style Guide helps you write like a hacker


February 24: Wired Article

Web Semantics: The Bishop Fox Cybersecurity Style Guide


February 24: BoingBoing Article

A cybersecurity style guide


March 1: Spoke at SOURCE Mesa

“Security Needs a Style Guide and Here’s V1”


March 2: Sentence First Article

Cybersecurity Style Guide is a useful editing tool


March 2: CSO Article

New Cyber Security Style Guide helps bridge the communication gap


March 15: Alien Vault Interview

Infosec Language Grows Up: The Bishop Fox Cybersecurity Style Guide


May 15: Chicago Manual of Style Shop Talk Blog Interview

Brianne Hughes talk about the Cybersecurity Style Guide


May 30: Spoke at Bay Area OWASP meeting about the Style Guide

Join Bay Area OWASP!


June 27: Version 1.1 Released

Reintroducing the Cybersecurity Style Guide: V1.1

Summary of updates: 200+ new entries, most have been revised, most have parts of speech, new guidance on using progressive terms,


June 28: Beta version of SpellCheck at the Bishop Fox Tempe offices

SpellCheck Spelling Bee rules!


July 20: Circle of HOPE SpellCheck

You can download the video of the spelling bee from HOPE!

More info at #HOPESpellCheck on Twitter


August 11: DEF CON SpellCheck

More info at  #DEFCONSpellCheck on Twitter

Spelling Bee Roundup on the Style Guide Blog