Through the ripples of the article by Stan Carey about my research, I’ve been receiving many new cutthroats from the good people of the internet. Commenters fear that they are calling my attention to a cutthroat I already know about, so this is the temporary solution as I continue work on my SHEL/DSNA presentation.

The attached PDF lists 892 words that I’ve been considering off and on as cutthroats. I question the membership of many of these words. Later, when there is time, I will provide a similar list with earliest dates of appearance, general categories (person, tool, game, animal, plant, adj, other), and specific definitions.

Cutthroats are written variably with a space, no space, or hyphen, so check all listings for each verb if you’re looking for a certain entry. If you don’t see one on the list, please tell me about it here in the comments, or tweet @E_Briannica.

The words are divided into 9 columns, 2 pages each, based on the following verbs that begin the compounds:

  • Amuse through Choke
  • Choke through Fetch
  • Fill through Knit
  • Knit through Muck
  • Muddle through Rattle
  • Reel through Shun
  • Shut through Stick
  • Stike through Trouble
  • Trouble through Xpel

NSFW: The list contains vulgar words not suitable for workplace browsing.

List of 892

Note: I have not yet integrated the cutthroats found by David-Antoine Williams’ script, listed in his Life of Words post. There is much work to be done.