What’s a cutthroat compound? I’m happy to explain.

The chart above was created with the first usage dates from 1067 cutthroats. I currently have 1107 cutthroat candidates, but 40 of them are surnames or are otherwise dateless.

I’ve included a variant of the chart below with some of the authors and works that caused spikes in specific years. A number of first citations are translations from Greek or bilingual dictionaries that were subsequently used in other English texts:

I’m still leveling up my Excel abilities, but having this rough chart that includes 1067 cutthroat compounds is so much better than what I had before:


My 2012 chart of 483 cutthroats :

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 11.44.50 PM

Volker Gast’s 2009 estimates:

volker gast frequency 1 volker gast frequency 2

This is progress.